Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Faithy Joy and Noah

As you know I love comparing the kiddos, so here are more in nearly the same pose!!

Some homeschool pics :)

Okay, I am DONE fighting with blogspot on my pics. So here you go, in their full glory, since blogger won't let me post them any smaller unless I go in and edit each on in HTML. So they will mess up my page, but right now I don't care!

My friend Kristen and I have decided to homeschool our preschool boys. This has been so fun I can't believe I haven't posted pics and we are already on the letter F (one letter and number a week). I have to say though, it's hard to take pics as the teacher is usually trying to reign in two very active boys while the other mom is watching over two kiddos, one which sleeps (Ronin) and one which often doesn't (Faith!) Here are some pics from the letter F and the letter E.

** added later - the pics are so huge you can only see 1/4 of them so I will edit stupid Html!

E - elbow macaroni glued to name

E - cat/dog ears made by boys

F - counting goldfish

F - story with fish

F - Jesus using loaves and fishes