Friday, January 13, 2012

Instafriday yay

The last couple of weeks held a lot of fun times! But, because I'm exhausted (see Instafriday boo.) I will not caption much. That being said, here are some FUN Instafriday pics!

Got into Grandma's hair clips...

Sleeping Beauty

Chuck E. Cheese!

Surprised the kids with a cocoa "tea party" at grandma and grandpas

Noah and his papa - nana and papa visited from Canada :)

Got a new app to tell my friend I couldn't come to her awesome 70's disco party due to the kids being sick... then used it to dress up another pic of my son and nephew.

Yes, there's an app for that.

Noah looking like a spoiled movie star

life rearranged

Instafriday boo.

Today encompassed so much of what it is to be a mom....

I sit here, kids finally asleep, me exhausted - but knowing I fulfilled one of the most important roles I have as a mom.


I was woken up around 3:00 am this morning by my 5 year old son because he was throwing up. He was scared, his stomach was in pain, and he was obviously very sick. I cleaned up (the first of many clean ups) and due to the number of times he got sick I ended up laying with him in bed until 6:00 am. We moved downstairs but it didn't end there. Because he couldn't eat, or even keep down water, the dry heaves began. And after every one, he would collapse into my arms crying, and then I would cry too.

Being a mom is not for the faint of heart.

We eventually moved back upstairs and I put him in our bed and laid with him and continued to clean him up and comfort him. Somewhere in there was a call to the pediatrician and she explained that it was a gastrointestinal virus and the vomiting should subside around 6-12 hours.

We were at hour eight so I was hopeful.

Nine hours in, the vomiting slowed but the diarrhea started... enough to have to put a pull up on my 5 year old boy. "I know I'm not in trouble, right mom?" My heart broke. I reassured him everything was okay, it just was the best idea all things considered.

Thankfully, my husband was around to sit downstairs with my daughter so I could focus 100% on my sick boy. It is a horrible place to be when you can't help your child. Horrible.

By late afternoon, Noah was able to keep fluids down, and even began to laugh at the TV, so I knew we had turned a corner. At 8:30 he fell asleep, after a grueling 17 hour day.

Being a mom is one of the hardest things to do in the world sometimes, but on a day when your child is sick and all they want is you, and you can be there to hold them, cuddle them, pray for them, and clean them up - well, there's no place else I'd rather be.

Starting out the morning downstairs

My view from the floor next to our bed - I camped there for awhile when it didn't work well to be on the bed right there with him

The laundry that was done in the wake of today. And there is more washing right now since Darren has since been hit with the bug.

No, not a red carpet, just a towel walkway to cover where I will need to clean sometime this weekend.

life rearranged

Friday, January 6, 2012


I just realized that I hardly ever have pics of Darren and myself on these Insta-days. I will try to change that! That being said, here are some phone pics from the week...

Seriously, every three months, like clockwork, I get one of these. Each time, I fill out that part that says I take care of two children full-time and send it off - but they sure are persistent!

Taking advantage of the gift the kids got or Darren for Christmas - the awesome Starbuck's tumbler that allows you to get FREE drip coffee the entire month of January!

I love hand painted mugs by children. So much that I assume everyone would want them from my children. Nana and Papa have them, Jenny has them, Daddy has them. Of course for this to happen, mommy takes the kiddos to do it. The problem was, no one was taking the kids to make MOMMY the mugs she so wanted! What is a mommy to do? Start brainwashing her 5 year old in October that mommy wants mugs for Christmas. I just knew this would work! It did not.

So, a couple of days after Christmas, mommy took the kiddos to Cafe Art in Dublin and they painted their mugs.

Noah wanted to write his name on it backwards - I just love that it says MOM.

I cried when I picked them up.

Happy Mommy.

On New Year's Eve we took the kids out front with noisemakers at 6:55 and had a countdown to 7:00pm. We blew horns, exploded confetti, wore hats and feathers, and yelled "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The neighbors even came out to join us! And the kids were still in bed on time :)

Found a bag full of my artwork as a child. Can I tell you how much I LOVE that my mom saved all of these things??? This is just a sampling. My favorite is the "all about me" book where I colored my favorite outfit on the "me". My gauchos and brown boots. I still remember them :)

I was Noah's age when I made the butterfly. There is something so cool about that.


You may recall Noah made a giant cookie on December 22nd at a Christmas Tea. I found the cookie the other day - double seat belted into the back seat of the minivan :) Apparently it was worthy of such extreme protection.

Thank you, Starbucks.

I get gray hairs from this boy.

Getting ready for Faith's Mickey Mouse birthday party tomorrow!! Just finished with the gift bags :) Each one has a child's initial on it.

life rearranged