Monday, September 21, 2009

Mommy loves her babies

I love when Faith wears something Noah wore at one time :) The only difference is, Noah is wearing this shirt at 11 months, and Faith is wearing it at 8.5!

Noah April 2007

Faith September 2009

Dream big baby

Noah is very creative, so when Darren pulled out a play structure that you put together using various tubes, magnets, and clips, Noah was quick to build something completely different out of it... like, this leaf blower.

Yes, it's a leaf blower, and it comes complete with sound effects and a convenient strap to wear it over your back.

I love this kid.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Which one's the baby?

I had read it would probably happen, but it hasn't made it any less humorous or sweet.

Noah LOVES Faith. But almost as much as he loves Faith, Noah loves to pretend that HE is a baby too. He will sometimes ask to be picked up and rocked like a baby, he will pretend to pick up toys and suck on them, only to toss them aside and "cry", and he climbs into her baby-size exersaucer and plays. Yes, his legs are about 3 times too long, and his weight far exceeds the recommended limit, but I see no harm done. This picture was taken the other day while both "babies" were in their respective activity toys and both sucking on frozen banana cubes in baby-safe mesh feeders. Classic.

Can't wait to tease him with this one when he's 14.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 8 months Faithy

Well I did this for Noah most of his first months, and was just reminded of that by reading a sweet post my friend Danaly wrote for her 6 month old daughter Jenna. So, here's one for Faithy.

Faith, what a joy you have been. I can hardly believe 8 months have passed! You are so full of Joy, it is no wonder that we felt led to make that a part of your middle name. Here are some snapshots into who you are today :)

You are constantly talking - you LOVE to hear yourself. Sometimes you will just shout little shouts over and over just to hear how it sounds in the room. We laugh because it often sounds like we are watching a horror flick in our house with all the screaming! When you talk you say dadadada and nananana and some gagagagaga's in there. You say nigh-nigh-nigh when you are tired, but I'm not sure if you understand that it's night night time. Just like I'm not positive you winked at your dad the other day although he is convinced of it :)

You army crawl everywhere and hate to be caged in. You will take your head and try to shove anything out of your way to get over to where I am. Yes, your head is still in the 100th percentile in size... must be packed full of brains!

You smile constantly and only fuss when we are late on your bottle or when you are ready to go to sleep. And when you sleep you simply need your paci and your blue comfort silkie and you are set. I sing you the same songs I sang for Noah when he was little.

Speaking of Noah, you two LOVE each other! Today when I came downstairs he was singing "hallelujah... hallelujah" to you from the Jesus loves you song I sing to him. He loves to hold you, squeeze you, and just overall love on you. He always tells us how cute you are and how he loves you. And you, when you see him, your whole day is made. You will go out of your way to get his attention just to get him to look at you. The two of you are a joy to watch together!

You sleep through the night from about 8pm to 6:45 am, except your teething and your recent growth spurt have put a hiccup in that a bit. Your naps range from 40 minutes to and hour and a half, though you slept 2 hours at grandma and grandpas last week!

Faithy Cara Joy, we LOVE you so much, and you are a joy to behold. We are so grateful for you every day and look forward to watching you grow up.