Friday, April 13, 2012

Life as seen from my iPhone...

Homeschooling, potty training, egg hunting, I think we covered it all :)

Had an accident at the gym childcare, but we took care of it with a hip hoodie dress.

Learning about rocks in school so visited a landscaping yard...

And then made a volcano...

And then learned that a wise man builds his house on the ROCK!

We had the easter festivities at our house this year and it was so fun!

Getting a hand from his cousin

I filled a bunch of the eggs with squinkies... then this happened.

and this...

One morning, pre haircuts, Faith wore her sunglasses to breakfast and Noah said he was a security guard from Greece, explaining his orange puffy jacket.

Before and after long overdue haircut!

Someone now uses the potty like a big girl - yay!!! NO MORE DIAPERS!

Daddy made a fort for Faithy to sleep in as a reward for being a big girl :)

The princess

Taught the kids how to make "scissors" out of weeds like I used to do as a kid

Breakfast date with mom

The kids wanted to make a snowman out of balls, so mom made it happen - they were so stoked!