Saturday, August 23, 2008

Putting the CRUNCH in Raisin Bran Crunch!

What in the world???? I realize there are supposed to be "irresistibly crunchy oat and honey clusters" - but I didn't have any problem resisting THIS one.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Noah the Robot

Noah transformed himself into a robot today using the hamper from the laundry room. And in case it wasn't obvious enough, he used his robot voice to make it clear...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Now I am officially caught up to date!

So starting last week, Noah started really having issues with being put in his high chair... When it was time to eat, and he was clearly hungry, he would protest "no cheese manitch! no cheese manitch!" and refuse to put his feet in the holes. I realized that he was ready and wanting to take more of a big boy seat at the table... So I put his tray on the table and told him that if he wanted to sit like a big boy, he would have to stay in his seat until he was all done, and then when I told him he could be excused, he could get up. So here is the pic of our first attempt, followed by how it works out now. The bib is only temporary, as apparently those are for babies too - we even let him pick out "big boy bibs" that have a pocket and trains - but it never stays on for long. I'm sure he's thinking, why should he have to wear a bib if mom and dad don't have to?

This is Noah when we went with my mom's group to a great playground in Mt. House. You will notice, however, his "hand caught in the cookie jar" expression, as he is always trying to get into Kristen's bag!

Daddy and Colby (lovingly referred to as Gooby by Noah) went to breakfast with the boys and then let them have fun in the fountain.

I know I've mentioned Darren's idea of heaven a few times... the restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean, racing a Corvette... but I think if he was going to spend eternity doing anything, it would be this right here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're having a GIRL!!!!!!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday... I was nervous because test results had shown me to be a high risk for Down's Syndrome. The risk was 1 in 41, which is just 2.4%, but I was still kind of freaked out before the appt. The doctor checked every marker in detail explaining what they look for, and she was perfect in every way! Thank you GOD!!! Darren and I are thrilled. As much as we adore having a boy, it will be very cool to add a girl to our family. I'm a bit concerned though.... another sometimes? stubborn, drama-queen in the house? Yikes! And I mean really, little girls talk NONSTOP! But we will love every minute :) One of Noah's favorite little buddies is a girl named Lucy, so we know he will love having a little girl around.

Here she is!

Celebrating baby Robbins!

I had the privilege of helping to host my sister-in-law's baby shower for their first little baby boy :) Her husband is super artistic and talented and he is going to base the nursery on Dr. Seuss' book "Oh, the places you'll go!" So that was a wonderful theme for the day! Amy looks gorgeous of course, she always looks like a supermodel and her tummy is perfect. Dar, Noah and I were in Vancouver for a week just hanging out with family, eating, playing, and having an overall great time seeing people we haven't seen since we got married.

I stole this collage from my cousin Kori's blog ;) - thanks Kori!

Me and Amy :)

All the Rogers ladies drinking tea at this awesome little tea shop/candy store

Noah beginning his journey to Canada - a little early for his liking!

Playing with his new microhello (microPHONE) and nana

Random acts of cuteness

At six flags

How he eats his apples...

His first bowl of cereal

Yes, still loving his "boops"

An amazing anniversary

July 12 was our 5th wedding anniversary - and of course Darren had a wonderfully romantic plan in place.

On Friday the 11th I invited my parents over for the afternoon and dinner... or so I thought! They were hanging out downstairs and Darren came up to me and said I had 45 minutes to pack 2 date outfits, some walking clothes, and something to sleep in... Apparently we were going somewhere, and he had worked it out with my folks to watch Noah weeks before! My dad just went along with it when I invited them over!

An hour later we were on the freeway, going who knows where.... until we reached the AIRPORT! I couldn't believe it. A little while later and we were arriving in good ole' southern California, the place we met. To top it off, our rental car was a beautiful convertible sports car and our hotel was right next to Universal City Walk with a beautiful view. It was awesome!

Everything was still very secretive. That night, Darren took me to the restaurant where we had our first real date... a packed out and delicious Italian restaurant called Miceli's. Except this time, were were escorted up a spiral staircase to a lone table sitting on a small balcony overlooking the rest of the restaurant! I remember seeing this little table on our first date over 6 years ago and thinking what a lucky girl for her guy to plan such a special time. And here I was with MY special time and MY special guy! Who knew that first date that we would return happily married with 1.5 kids!

The next day we did something I will never forget. I have told Darren that I went to Universal Studios at 10 years old and had always wanted to go back. Not only did Darren take me back there, he got us the 6 hour VIP tour package where they let you in to special places and take you on backlots, etc.! I teared up a bit when I found out - I was so excited! We got to go into the prop warehouse, walk around some lots and sets, feast on a delicious catered lunch, and walk to the front of every line where a velvet red rope greeted us! I love being VIP!

That evening we dined where we had our second date, Koji's shabu shabu. I began to see a pattern that Darren was recreating our first dates! We ate a wonderful meal and walked around Hollywood and Highland. I remembered that very date, what I was wearing, how I had matched my toenails to my top, and how at one point when I took Darren's arm and was chatting he said "I'm sorry, I haven't been able to focus on a thing you've said since you took my arm"...

The next (yes, two nights !) day we returned to a beautiful hard-to-find bluff in Bel Aire that overlooks all of Los Angeles. It's a bit of a hike, but the view is worth it. We stopped at the same cuban deli we had stopped at 6 years ago and headed up. The original time Darren planned this picnic, it was our third date. He was prepared with food, wine, a scrabble board (he knew I liked scrabble), and the music of frank sinatra. This date was also our first kiss :) This time around he had stuff for us to sit on, and pulled out the same music. He is so romantic!

After that it was time to head home to our little boo, Noah, and his best buddy Juju - now sometimes affectionately referred to as Genny.

Getting ready for our tour

On the set of "Life"
It was just like a police station. I even picked up a folder of paperwork and it had printing and case documents, not just a bunch of blank paper as I suspected!
Prop room :)
My Oscar for best drama queen


For your enjoyment, some pics from the ORIGINAL picnic on April 13th 2002!

Waiting to figure out where he's taking me - I was always smiling when I was with him.

Yes, he's quite blonde - it WAS Los Angeles :)

This was his pic on the Christian online site we met on - I referred to him as "the guy on the couch" - and I loved his eyes.