Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A needed germ vacation with Noah

A couple of weeks ago Faith came down with the worst virus we have encountered to date. Her fever reached 106.5 at one point and she was put into a cool tub at least 3 times to bring it down and we took one trip to Urgent Care. They tested her for strep and gave us antibiotics but she wouldn't take them. In fact, she completely refused to the point of gagging and throwing up - we tried two different kinds and it was a no go. I set my alarm 2-3 times a night to check her fever and give her fever reducers accordingly. THANKFULLY, it was a virus and not strep (since she wasn't going to take antibiotics) so after a few days she came through it. She lost a lot of weight from not eating but other than that is doing OK.

When we had made it through the worst, Jennifer offered to take Faith so I could do something fun with Noah. It's not fun being in a house with a sick sister you can't touch and a mom totally focused on getting that sister better. I decided to be spontaneous and we booked a hotel in Capitola for the night with plans for the Monterey Bay Aquarium the following day.

You would have thought the main event was being in the hotel! Noah LOVED it! We had a great time together and even stayed another night in another hotel before coming home.

Noah really wanted to eat food from the little hotel "market" and he quickly turned this two tiered table into a table/seat combo :)

Watching spy kids together before bed

At the aquarium - he is such a great boy to hang out with!!

When we got home he set the table and used the stove and a pan to whip me up something to eat: um, otter and spaghetti with lobster sauce. YUM.

This trip was JUST what we both needed. And it was great knowing Faithy was in good hands with Jenny and daddy.

She is ALL GIRL.

It has been amazing for me to see how so many girl characteristics are just innate. Faithy is all about tutus, princesses (without even having any princess stuff), babydolls and ballet.

I figured Faith wouldn't do the mommy thing because she wouldn't get to see me take care of a baby sister or brother and watch/imitate what I do. However, she just IS a mommy. Even her pink dolphin needed a jacket to go outside in the cold so I had to borrow one from one of her dolls! And she loves when she can find the same animal in two different sizes so there can be a mommy and a baby. If a third makes a daddy, all the better :)

And this is her baby leopard all swaddled up nice and tight. I don't even know where she has ever seen a swaddle, but she somehow knew that's what the leopard needed.

These are her "coons". She gives me her baby curious george or baby sheep or any other baby animal and has me swaddle them completely like they are in cocoons.

And lastly we have the posing - how does she know this?!?