Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random stuff for March

I tried to be a little crafty this month :) A few weeks ago I bought fabrics to make blankets for Noah's and Faith's beds. Unfortunately, I put Faith's fabrics in the dryer and they got all crispy and fried (our dryer runs hot)

Total. Bummer.

I decided to make the most out of my mistake and used some of the non-crispified section to make a blanket for my sweet niece that is due soon. I think it is so cute that she and Faithy will have matching blankets!

The story of the goggles:

Noah has been doing so good in swimming lessons, I am really proud of him! He wanted to get some goggles because there is quite a bit of chlorine in the pool on some weeks. It's also partly because his favorite little girl-friend Cassidy wears them (she is in his class).

When we originally looked at goggles, Noah wanted a purple pair... except when I bought them I saw that they were purple in front and pink in back. CLEARLY a "girl" pair. I waffled back and forth on if I should get them and then decided to talk him into the blue pair instead. Later that day he mentioned he really did like the purple pair better.... Soooo, I have taken the approach that he's 5, and he doesn't care about "girl or boy" stereotypes - so why should I? I explained that if anyone tells him they are girl's goggles he can tell them "no, they are MY goggles" and let that be that.

Today, I exchanged the blue goggles for the purple and pink ones, and Noah was super happy about it. I gave a nod to his swim teacher Nik, who quickly told Noah his goggles were awesome and he loved the color purple too :) Here he is sitting close with Cassidy sporting his new goggles (sorry for the blur, I love the picture anyway!) Cassidy is the same age as Noah (almost to the week) but as you can see she is bigger for her age!

Faithy LOVES swimming and wants to be under the water as much as possible - she is going to be fearless - which will make for a fun and stressful summer by the pool!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Manipulation or CHARM? :)

Just after tucking Noah in I told him I was going to take a shower...

“mom, I don’t want you to take a shower because if I have a bad dream I need to call you in here”

“Noah, I can guarantee you are not going to have a bad dream while I am in the shower. And if you do have one, you can call daddy up here”

“Mom I don’t want to call daddy up here, I want to call YOU… because you’re pretty”

“Oh Noah, you are just so charming and SWEET!”

“It’s because I love you mom” (followed by a sweet grin)

*sigh* I should mention he also told me that morning that I smelled soooo pretty.

Yes, he's THAT good.

Being a mom means...

...I'm up at 11:30 pm making wrapping paper for and wrapping the gift
Noah is bringing to a birthday party tomorrow - why don't I ever have
paper or gift bags lying around?!?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Quintessential boy moment

Faithy is playing in the sink in the bathroom.

I am cleaning up some spots on the carpet.

I notice it's quiet in Noah's room... and the door is shut...

I open the door to find this:

Noah standing on his bed, with an open umbrella in his hand. A mini-fridge propped up in the middle of the bed.

"Noah, what are you about to do...?"

"I was going to climb on this (wobbly, unstable mini-fridge) and reach up with the umbrella to touch my firetrucks (a mobile in the center of the room) and make them move"


"Um, sweetie, let me explain why that is a very bad idea"

Major booboo averted!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A proud moment

This is so exciting for me! There is a blog out there that SAVED ME when I had postpartum depression. My friend had directed me to it and I was so thankful. It is the most read blog on this topic and with one look at the content, the encouragement offered, and the heart of the woman who started it all you'll see why.

I had the honor of writing a post for that blog that just went up today. I won't give you any spoilers, but let's just say I'm blessed :)

Read it HERE

Sunday, March 13, 2011

And that's no yolk!

except, it is...

With colorful toys surrounding her, Faith's choice this particular day was strange to say the least.

It was my egg yolk.

She walked with it, swung with it, sat with it, even patted it on the head. She wasn't interested in eating it - just carrying it around.

This one reminds me of an awkward family portrait :)