Thursday, July 30, 2009

Enjoying Darren's Toy

The whole family has gotten to benefit from Darren's new Can Am Spyder (well, except for Faith maybe). I personally went straight out and bought the gear I needed to ride with him. However, I was mistaken on how simple it would be. I thought I would just hop on and go, like in the movies. What I didn't realize was how scary it would be at first, holding on to someone while moving at fast speeds!

The first night I took it out in the court myself and then rode with Darren up and down the street - I was nervous and a bit freaked out. But just a few days later we had our first date on it - granted we just went to downtown Livermore - but I wasn't nervous at all! Maybe it was that it was daytime, or maybe it was that I learned that it was easier to ride if you imagined yourself as a sack of potatoes (as opposed to clutching and clinging on for dear life trying to become one with the driver) Whatever it was, it was fun to go and have a great time :) I've only been up to about 56 mph so I've got a ways to go, but I look forward to more rides with my man.

Movies and Motorcycles

Noah and Reid took their first trip to the movie theater and saw Surf's Up. They were both very well behaved and Kristen and I enjoyed ourselves too! Here they are on the way there, and afterward riding some cool bikes :)

A day at the park

I took the kids to the park yesterday but had no idea it would be so cold in the morning! Being the good mommy I am, I gave Noah the sweater off my back, and then had to roll it up, tuck it in, and cinch it everywhere I could to make it fit :)

Faith enjoyed her first time on a swing - looking at this pic you'd think I was really pushing her, but I was really conservative on how high I let her go!

Noah at 7 months (taken with a phone camera and a little distorted)

And Faithy at 7 months

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Got my new camera

So somehow my camera broke. It just suddenly... stopped. Because of this I have been relying on my phone, which takes good pics, but not the quality I prefer. So here is an update of all things Rogers taken with my new camera or the phone :)

Trying to find something to keep Noah happy and occupied on a sick day

Why you don't leave babies unattended (I didn't, by the way)

When Darren left the room she was on the other side of the pillow, can you find her now?

Daddy and Noah owning the road

Faith in her new Jumperoo