Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry - November 27, 2001

I was 31 when I wrote this

"Dream - vision - IMAGINE

- Lexus SUV
- Kids in back
- $$ to give away
- Husband who adores me"

*addendum added on August, 2002
"Is this Darren? I have never felt so adored"

It all seemed impossible and far away when I pictured it in my mind, but just four months after writing my intimate imaginations down before the Lord, I met Darren. God has given me that list and SO much more!!

Just neat to look back and see his faithfulness :)

(Lexus SUV mainly symbolized family to me at the time - I love my Mazda!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

You know you married a geek when...

Your husband sends you an email with the subject line "Awesome t-shirt" and this is the t-shirt he is referring to...

It is described on the website this way:
"Artist Kevin Tong captures the invention of daVinci, the imagination of H.G. Wells, and the brilliance of Jonathan Ive in this Exploded Phone drawing"

Yes, it's an iPhone.

Sweet Portability

While Noah fussed at his naptime at grandma and grandpa's, eventally crying out "Boonie come pick me up! Boonie come on in!" (he calls grandpa Bernie) - Faith was happy to sleep on the counter in the laundry room...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The joy of Jenny's Acura

One of Noah's favorite things in the world is riding in Jennifer's Acura.  To make it even more exciting, we got him his own carseat for the back - so now he has a spot just for him.  Usually when he's going to go for a ride he will say "We're goning (going) in Genny's ACURA!" (Imagine "Acura" being said in a high pitched voice and really loud)  

Here are some pics from various trips.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you Madagascar.

Now my son wants to drink water from a cup and spit it out!  Fortunately, that behavior has been limited only to the tub...

Award Winning

Darren took this picture on Faith's birthday and I think it is AMAZING.  I think if he entered it into an amateur photography contest he would win easy :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What you don't see and hear... Noah hugging and kissing each animal as he removes them from the tractor and lines them up...  All the while expressing he is happy they are "home".  I love watching his imagination grow :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adjusting to family and jammy day

The first week home I spent a lot of time upstairs recovering and nursing Faith. We realized that although Noah was indifferent to her presence, he was also quite a bit fussier than usual. Our date day was great, but what he really needed was mommy and Faith to be downstairs more often. She needed to be incorporated into the new Rogers family.

This morning we went as a family to Starbucks for breakfast - it was perfect. Noah paid attention to Faith and it felt so normal. When we got home I made a point to nurse Faith downstairs for the day (started this a bit yesterday). When I changed her, Noah wanted to help - he helped wipe her and dry her, and even put aquaphor on her bum! He laid next to her on the floor and touched her face. When it was time to put her down, he wanted to help swaddle her and put her in her bed. It was a night and day difference!

One thing that was especially cute was Noah's reaction to Faith in her cute fleece footed sleeper... He wanted to put HIS jammies on! We had been dressed for hours, but we all marched upstairs and declared it a jammies day :) At least we are ready for bed now!

Monday, January 5, 2009

First family outing... Country Waffles, of course!


Mommy and Noah have been going through withdrawals for each other, and
although Noah has been SO good about me being in recovery and
occupied, it is clear he has really been missing me.

So yesterday we went to Fosters Freeze for some corn dog and ice cream
action - jut the two of us! It was awesome and I loved the time with
him. We will be making this a regular thing for sure :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

First family outing!

Mmmmmm country waffles :)
A family pic will follow!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

That is one happy mama!

I LOVE this picture...  I look so free and happy, not a worry in my heart or mind.  God is so good.  I'll attach the pic when Noah was born to compare.  I was smiling, but my brow was all furrowed and my eyes weren't quite as sparkly... Postpartum depression had already begun.  It has been amazing to now experience what it feels like to have a baby and bring her home without any of that blackness hanging around me....  *sigh*

Family pic with Faith

Family pic with Noah

Noah meets Faith

Noah gives Faith a big brother kiss! (of course, prompted by all around... and five times over so we could get the shot!)

Eagerly awaiting the angel to land in his lap

Here she comes!

Love my babies :)

One happy little guy

Home Sweet Home

...and in Heaven. No PPD in sight.

Keep praying, it's working :)