Monday, March 29, 2010

Faithy gets a haircut

Last week I took Faith in to get her first haircut. Even though you might think that you can wait a long time before getting a girl's hair cut, it's not always the case. Faith was starting to sport a pretty nice mullet, and the crazy whisps of her baby hair would cause her "do" to be in a constant state of "windsweptness" (yes, I made up that word). It also fell in her eyes and she wanted nothing to do with any kind of contraption to keep it back.

She did really well I think, only crying near the end. My personal favorite shot is of her with the Donald Trump hair. You will know it when you see it... In the end, she now has bangs, and her hair should grow into a cute little bob :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Nascar Mayer Wiener

If you haven't heard, Darren is part of a very select racing team that proudly races #55 around the track. The race that they compete in is called the 24 hour of Lemons and is the most unique race you are ever going to see. The rules are simple. Buy a car for less than $500. Get it running. Outfit it to race. Race two days. And if you want to go the extra mile, give it a theme and get crazy.

Well our guys did just that. This race was at Sears Point and they created... the Nascar Mayer Wiener.... It was amazing. Everyone donned hotdog or condiment costumes, wore a great t-shirt, and possibly a lovely hotdog hat. A few other wives and I also passed out 300 free hotdogs to the grandstands, racers, and of course... JUDGES (I use the term loosely). These judges take bribes and give out penalties like...

Colby got pulled in for a penalty when it was actually a Miata that bumped HIM, so he didn't feel he should get penalized. "I'd like to know where that MIATA is..." he told the judge. Pentalty? Write "I'd like to know where that Miata is" 100 times on the car with a permanent marker.

- One team had to dress up like the Village People and dance behind that car as it drove around the Paddock with a boom box blasting music from it.

-Another team had to put on tie dyed shirts and play reggae music and bongos.

-And another team had two guys duct taped together who had to hobble to the cafe to get the judges whatever they wanted...

This race was a seriously good time, and I'm excited for the next one Darren will race in this August. Oh, and though they didn't win the race, they did win the "organizer's choice award" which is the team who seems to fully "get" what Lemons is all about.

I'm so proud.

(If you want to see pics of other cars, go here)