Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is my husband in heaven

Oh my gosh. I don't know if I've ever seen darren like this, it is so
so cute. When we walked into the park he said "something great is
about to happen..."

Darren has wanted to come here with me since we were dating, so we are
both pretty stoked. We just arrived at the retaurant in the pirate
ride and although we had reservations they said it would be 45 min if
we wanted to sit by the water. We said no to that and waited to be
seated. Lo and behold when our host came to seat us he led us right
up to a table perfectly positioned right on the water. He said it
must be our lucky day ;)

Here is darren in his dream restaurant at his dream table (with his
dream girl)... You can even see one of the fake fireflies behind him :)


Kori said...

Must be in the blood! That is Rogers dream, didn't happen this last time. Maybe next time when we sneak off to Disneyland with No kids!
Please tell me what you ate!

Kim said...

The rolls were super good :) Darren had the monte cristo and enjoyed it, I had the salmon salad which was so-so. It's a dinner-type restaurant, not a lot of lunch items. I would reserve dinner there next time probably.