Monday, July 14, 2008

Noah's Big-Boy Bed

Well, we did it! We took the side off of Noah's crib and turned it into a daybed with the potential for escape and complete chaos... I was seriously worried that Noah would get up in the night and find chemicals, start fires, and just overall get into trouble (nevermind the fact that it would be dark and even if he did get up he would probably just run to our room).

First night he slid out after 10 minutes and daddy put him back in. A couple weeks later and he hasn't gotten out of bed since! He sleeps through the night and naps just fine :) We are so proud of him!

Every night he "nests" by taking every blanket in a 10 ft. radius and every stuffed animal and shoving them into the head of the bad before he nuzzles in...


Anonymous said...

I am dreading this and putting it off for as long as possible.

Kori said...

That is so exciting. On to the next stage of fun :)

Blake & Noah must be related... Blake does the exact same thing with his stuffies and he is 9!