Sunday, August 17, 2008

Now I am officially caught up to date!

So starting last week, Noah started really having issues with being put in his high chair... When it was time to eat, and he was clearly hungry, he would protest "no cheese manitch! no cheese manitch!" and refuse to put his feet in the holes. I realized that he was ready and wanting to take more of a big boy seat at the table... So I put his tray on the table and told him that if he wanted to sit like a big boy, he would have to stay in his seat until he was all done, and then when I told him he could be excused, he could get up. So here is the pic of our first attempt, followed by how it works out now. The bib is only temporary, as apparently those are for babies too - we even let him pick out "big boy bibs" that have a pocket and trains - but it never stays on for long. I'm sure he's thinking, why should he have to wear a bib if mom and dad don't have to?

This is Noah when we went with my mom's group to a great playground in Mt. House. You will notice, however, his "hand caught in the cookie jar" expression, as he is always trying to get into Kristen's bag!

Daddy and Colby (lovingly referred to as Gooby by Noah) went to breakfast with the boys and then let them have fun in the fountain.

I know I've mentioned Darren's idea of heaven a few times... the restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean, racing a Corvette... but I think if he was going to spend eternity doing anything, it would be this right here.

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Cate said...

Congrats on your baby girl and thank you for your comment on my blog. My son is 3 and my baby girl just turned 4 months. Having two is such an adventure!