Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to my new world...

Well, I learned last week that I have gestational diabetes. This means that my body is not using its insulin very well. It happens to a small percentage of women around the 28th week of pregnancy and usually goes away after the baby is born.

Lucky me.

Because my insulin isn't working properly, I have high blood sugar. This extra glucose can be dangerous for my pregnancy, and even moreso for my little girl's health. Since my insulin isn't dealing with my blood sugar, my little baby's pancreas is trying to create enough insulin to help. Not good for a tiny little pancreas! If uncontrolled, her organs will be stressed, her lungs can be affected, she can weigh 10 lbs, or can have problems after she is born.

All of that leads me to this:

My blood testing kit with lovely red hazardous container

Ouch! I have to test 4 x's a day...

Did I mention - OUCH?!

This is a good result - 162, like this morning, is bad.

In addition to the blood testing, there's the strict diet. I have to eat a specific amount of carbs and protein every meal, I have to eat specific snacks, and I have to eat on a specific time table. It is a bit overwhelming... THANKFULLY, I have the most amazing and supportive husband in the whole entire world - and he is doing it all with me :) He even pricked himself a couple of times! He ain't playin' - he doesn't cheat and counts all the carbs, etc. too. He helps me figure out what to eat and just all around encourages me.

Lucky me.


Pam said...

Hi Kim,

First I saw the pictures of your daughter down below. She is beautiful. Second, remember this is only temporary. I realize how hard it is to constantly be pricking yourself as well as a continue monitoring of what you eat. Just remember God is in control, and the end result will be one of pure beauty. You are an awesome woman and the trials will only make the blessings of the birth that much greater. You are loved.

Kellyry said...

Poor you, but lucky you to have such a hubby under the circumstances.