Monday, November 24, 2008

Our post delivery day wish list :)

With this gestational diabetes thing, Darren and I have had to stick to a very strict diet... and there are things that we so wish we could have but can't. We have learned that my GD should resolve itself shortly after the baby is, we are now making a list of things we will want in the room right after the birth, or in the days following:

1. Starbucks Holiday Drink (K - pepp mocha, D - egg nog latte)
2. Boba (tapioca milk tea) - K
3. Cinnamon Roll - K, D
4. Twix! - K
5. Chocolate chip cookie dough - K
6. Donut wheel donuts - D
7. Bagel with cream cheese and tomato

I'm sure we will think of more in the next month :)


carolina clan said...

You're such a goofball!!!:-)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that weird chunky boba tea is above Chocolate Chip cookie dough... which I'm assuming you mean MY CHOCOLATE CHIP cookie dough!!

Darren said...

I'm adding jalapeƱo poppers and fried cheese to the list.