Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10g of fat for THREE TABLESPOONS?!

That is what I just read on the back of my coveted Costco trail mix...  The same trail mix I eat by the handful while sitting on the couch feeding faith.  The very same trail mix I eat more by the cupful, not by the tablespoon-ful.  Do you realize how tiny a tablespoon becomes when you are stuffing nuts, raisins and m&m's in it?  Tiny!  

How many tablespoons are in a cup?  Hold on a sec, I'll google it:

Ok, I just about choked.  SIXTEEN tablespoons in a cup.

So, that means every time I sit down with my yummy bag of goodness, I close it up after eating no less than 50 grams of fat.  Not for a meal, not for a dessert... for a snack between meals!

Sorry Costco, I won't be buying that for awhile...  No wonder I plateaued in my loss of baby-weight!!!



The Paynes said...

sure that's a lot but that's 'cause of the nuts... it's like eating Amonds, you can only eat 6 if you want to stay at a reasonable fat intake but they are good for you, so no biggie. Costco items CAN be deceiving though... they look healthy BUT!!

Kellyry said...

I feel the same way about trail mix. It's the nuts that, although high in protein, are still high in fat. But it's so hard to eat in small quantities!