Monday, April 27, 2009

Pancakes and Pajamas!

Noah and I were so excited when he was invited to his friend Eli's 3rd birthday party... It was a pancake party where we were encouraged to wear our PJ's - how fun is that?!

I am happy to say that I wore pajamas, and was pretty bummed when no other adults joined in the fun.... except for Eli's mommy :) Darren watched Faith while Noah and I went and had a ball. Noah was so patient as Eli opened up many cars and trucks and fun "boy" toys, and then all the boys played with them. I was so proud of Noah - he was very polite and sweet :)

They also had a construction theme, and it is well within a toddler's rights to have a construction/pancake/pajama theme.  Here is Noah in his Home Depot apron with toolbox and hat.


The Paynes said...

You look SO SO SO SO good Mommy!!!
wish I could have been there! :(

Leslie said...

Yay for pancakes and parties! EHOP was definitely Under Construction that day... Eli had so much fun with Noah... Oh and Joe was wearing sweatpants- so he gets counted into the adult pajama wearing crowd. But yeah, you are right that most others were party poopers when it came to the PJs. :) See you soon. Leslie

Anonymous said...

That is great! I would have gone in my pajamas too - good for you :-)

Kellyry said...

How fun! I may just plan a pancake/pj party and INSIST all the adults come dressed in their pj's. (Although it just occurred to me that might be scandalous...There would be a dress code.)

2Schlafs said...

You look so great Kim!