Thursday, July 30, 2009

Enjoying Darren's Toy

The whole family has gotten to benefit from Darren's new Can Am Spyder (well, except for Faith maybe). I personally went straight out and bought the gear I needed to ride with him. However, I was mistaken on how simple it would be. I thought I would just hop on and go, like in the movies. What I didn't realize was how scary it would be at first, holding on to someone while moving at fast speeds!

The first night I took it out in the court myself and then rode with Darren up and down the street - I was nervous and a bit freaked out. But just a few days later we had our first date on it - granted we just went to downtown Livermore - but I wasn't nervous at all! Maybe it was that it was daytime, or maybe it was that I learned that it was easier to ride if you imagined yourself as a sack of potatoes (as opposed to clutching and clinging on for dear life trying to become one with the driver) Whatever it was, it was fun to go and have a great time :) I've only been up to about 56 mph so I've got a ways to go, but I look forward to more rides with my man.


The Waltenburgs said...

I knew you had it in you!!!!

Carrie said...

SO much fun!! Definitely would have me nervous too! Enjoy!

Danaly said...

We need some Disney stories!!!! pretty please.