Friday, September 11, 2009

Which one's the baby?

I had read it would probably happen, but it hasn't made it any less humorous or sweet.

Noah LOVES Faith. But almost as much as he loves Faith, Noah loves to pretend that HE is a baby too. He will sometimes ask to be picked up and rocked like a baby, he will pretend to pick up toys and suck on them, only to toss them aside and "cry", and he climbs into her baby-size exersaucer and plays. Yes, his legs are about 3 times too long, and his weight far exceeds the recommended limit, but I see no harm done. This picture was taken the other day while both "babies" were in their respective activity toys and both sucking on frozen banana cubes in baby-safe mesh feeders. Classic.

Can't wait to tease him with this one when he's 14.