Monday, March 29, 2010

Faithy gets a haircut

Last week I took Faith in to get her first haircut. Even though you might think that you can wait a long time before getting a girl's hair cut, it's not always the case. Faith was starting to sport a pretty nice mullet, and the crazy whisps of her baby hair would cause her "do" to be in a constant state of "windsweptness" (yes, I made up that word). It also fell in her eyes and she wanted nothing to do with any kind of contraption to keep it back.

She did really well I think, only crying near the end. My personal favorite shot is of her with the Donald Trump hair. You will know it when you see it... In the end, she now has bangs, and her hair should grow into a cute little bob :)


Kori's House said...

She looks so sweet with her little bangs :)

The Waltenburgs said...

She's so much cuter than Donald Trump. =) Love that little lady!

Danaly said...

precious! She's a thing of beauty!