Sunday, February 6, 2011

Business in the front, PART in the back

I asked Darren's permission to blog about this very humorous and strange phenomenon we like to call his "back part". I usually buzz Darren's hair every couple of months, but sometimes life happens and we just don't set out the time to do it. However, when we let it grow out, THIS is what happens. It's like our little pop-up turkey timer for hair - when we see it we know it's time to take action. Kudos to Darren for being such a good sport!!

what in the WORLD?!


KittyG said...

That is one brave man you have there!!!!! Wow. That hair has a life of its own!!!! LOL!!!

Hope you are well--love the playroom pictures!!
Kat Mazz
(this is my gmail account as CaliKat or Kitty G, I think)

Carrie said...

THAT is awesome! Nice job Darren being a good sport!