Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now we're (I'm) cookin'!

I have really enjoyed my quest to provide more home-cooked meals for my family. Darren has always been the one to make the more complicated, recipe inspired meals while I provided the easy to throw together pasta, tacos, stir fry, and manwich nights.

I think what got me started on this journey was purchasing a couple of these awesomeWeekday Dinners - DONE! cards from my sister, a Pampered Chef consultant. They had a meal for every day with a shopping list and easy to follow recipes. Every time I made something, it boosted my confidence that I could actually cook! Since then, I have added to my collection of recipes from other sources.

Tonight, I made HOMEMADE macaroni and cheese out of an America's Test Kitchen cookbook. Talk about a comfort food! Let me tell you, it was as good if not better than any restaurant I've tried. Even the delicious Sideboard in Danville! Noah even loved it - he actually pretended to FAINT over how much he loved it. Anyone with a 5 year old knows that is a big deal :)

The caprese I threw together as a salad

Toasting the breadcrumbs in butter for the topping

And the final product!! Darren was in heaven!


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! I think we all need to round up our 3 favorite "go to" dinner meals and email to each other. Now that we're preservative and dye free at my house (well mostly there) I'm needing something new and fun to serve. _Leslie

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kim. Looks yummy. America's Test Kitchens has the best recipes and great instructions. I use it all the time.
Noah, you are so funny.

Carrie said...

Wow! Looks fabulous! I want to come over :)