Friday, November 25, 2011

Instafriday - Disneyland style!

I broke our camera a a couple of weeks ago, so our entire trip to Disneyland was captured on our iPhone cameras. Here's a taste of what we experienced, instagram style :)

The morning of our first day into the park - Faith wore her princess dress 3 out of the 4 days

Daddy teaching Noah how to shoot

Mark my words - next Christmas season, strollers all over Disneyland will be lit up with Christmas lights. Out of the 1,000's and 1,000's of people we saw in our four days, ours was the only one lit up with snowflakes and red lights - and a flashing green underneath (Darren's idea!). You would have thought we were the electric parade with the attention we got from guests and workers alike :)

Watching all of their favorite Disney channel shows "Live" in puppet form

Toon Town was Noah's favorite place

Enjoying the scenery at the Rainforest Cafe

The whole gang!

What you can't hear is Noah calling the police because Donald Duck has been killed - he has quite the imagination and wants to be a police officer, what do you expect?!

These pics where I can picture Noah as a teenager are bittersweet for me

The haul the kids made - Faith named her hippo to the left "Que comida mas rica"

Tired princess waiting to meet Tinkerbell

Tired princess waiting for the parade

Faith decided to try out her new face for all of the characters... Noah is the perfect poser right now, nice smile, stands still, he's great. We just have to get Faith on board!

Unbeknownst to Noah, he used his imagination to create a Lego mini fig of Parks and Rec's RON SWANSON

Needless to say, mom and dad were impressed.

Thanksgiving dinner on our late night date

And our Thanksgiving dessert :)

life rearranged


lolly said...

These photos and those faces are PRICELESS! What a fun time :)

Nothingcanseperate said...

Found you through insta Friday. Being a Disney freak I just wanted to peek at your vacation and make a generic comment but how funny are those pictures!! I was dying at your daughters face making at all the characters . That will be a favorite family memory for years to come!
I'd totally buy a Parks and Rec Lego set. Have your son make an Amy Poheler and market it. It definitely was Ron.

Kori's House said...

Fantastic memories. I'm loving Faith at the moment. Awesome Faces :)
I can totally see Noah as a teenager in that picture! CRAZY handsome I say!

I just said to Roger 'I've never been to Disneyland for Christmas' but I think I will add 'or Thanksgiving' :)