Friday, January 13, 2012

Instafriday yay

The last couple of weeks held a lot of fun times! But, because I'm exhausted (see Instafriday boo.) I will not caption much. That being said, here are some FUN Instafriday pics!

Got into Grandma's hair clips...

Sleeping Beauty

Chuck E. Cheese!

Surprised the kids with a cocoa "tea party" at grandma and grandpas

Noah and his papa - nana and papa visited from Canada :)

Got a new app to tell my friend I couldn't come to her awesome 70's disco party due to the kids being sick... then used it to dress up another pic of my son and nephew.

Yes, there's an app for that.

Noah looking like a spoiled movie star

life rearranged

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Jeannett said...

the afro app is hysterical! love it! and the tea sweet. my girls are still a little bit young, but soon...can't wait!

thanks for linking up!