Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life Snapshots

Noah read 100 books this summer (either he read them or we read them) - so he earned a medal form the local library, and he gets to meet the mayor and be on local TV!  I am so proud of this guy.

Painting in the street

Blue eyes :)

This is what mom/son time looks like - mom building and rebuilding various lego Star Wars vehicles.

Noah and Faith asked for orange hair - let's just say I earned a "you're the best mom ever!"

I borrowed Faith's sparkly bear to use as a keychain so I wouldn't lose Darren's keys.  It worked!  But she will only let me use it when she is coming with me somewhere.

Noah and Daddy took a trip up north and when they got on the plane to return, Noah was invited into the cockpit and allowed to greet the passengers on the radio :)  He is the only kid I've ever seen that happen to - and it has happened TWICE.

I'm growing a watermelon!  A few actually!

The other morning Darren heard some noises and went out to find 5 turkeys hanging out on our roof!

I was working on something downstairs for a few minutes and heard the kids upstairs, went up to find both of them in my bedroom in their BIGWHEELS??!!  Never a dull moment.

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