Thursday, November 15, 2007

Noah's first "dolly"

Of course I think Noah is the smartest little boy in the whole wide world, but I think this proves it! I pulled out a potty seat we bought because Noah was very interested in the toilet tonight. Upon sitting him on it (clothed) it was clear that the little hole made for him was reaalllly small and I didn't think it would work. As I prepared to box it up, I noticed Noah was really enjoying it. It was like a giant potty-puzzle that he could put together and take apart over and over. Then, as he often does, he wanted to try to pick it up. He carried it to and fro, huffing and puffing, occasionally dropping it and putting it all back together. Apparently the load became too much for him to bear because the next thing I know he is carefully setting it on top of his "scoop" push-along so he could more easily maneuver his way around the house. I was amazed that he had that complex of a thought process to figure that out - maybe he'll be an engineer like his dad :)

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