Monday, December 3, 2007

Heat, Hair and Red Patent Leather

Kind of sounds like a book I wouldn't be allowed to read! No worries though, this is a family site and all is well :)

I had to take a picture of Noah the morning after I asked Darren "you don't think he'll unzip himself right out of that thing??" to which he replied "Nah...he'll be fine"

Apparently he was hot!

Noah has a new fascination walking around in shoes, ANY shoes... from work boots to ballet flats, this kid rocks the runway in his bold style.

In honor of my very best friend losing her hair to chemotherapy, I decided to give 8" of my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign ( They donate wigs to women going through chemotherapy. I'll post a pic of the finished product later.


Kori said...

That's awesome Kim!
Such a great gift.

Kellyry said...

What a neat thing to do in honor of your friend!