Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah's birthday is Thursday but we had a great celebration for him this past Saturday. He is all about Monkeys right now (or OOH-OOH-AH! as he likes to call them) so we knew we had only one choice for a theme...

Jennifer and her friend Jill made this cake - isn't it amazing???

I like his style - eating his birthday cupcake

What a difference a year makes - this is us May 2007

And May 2008! (Jenny has less hair, Noah has more)

Playing on the gift from all his grandparents - loves it!

I love his excited face in this pic

It was a fun day had by all - especially Noah. Oh to be 2 years old...


Carrie said...

Looks VERY fun! Happy Birthday Noah!

carolina clan said...

"Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!"
The cake is soo cute...was that a pampered chef batter bowl shape??? Very creative!
Hannah LOVES monkeys also!:)

Kellyry said...

It's amazing what a difference one year makes in how 'present' children are at their celebrations. They enjoy it exponentially more.

Kori said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

WoW... TWO and we haven't met you yet :(