Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry - November 27, 2001

I was 31 when I wrote this

"Dream - vision - IMAGINE

- Lexus SUV
- Kids in back
- $$ to give away
- Husband who adores me"

*addendum added on August, 2002
"Is this Darren? I have never felt so adored"

It all seemed impossible and far away when I pictured it in my mind, but just four months after writing my intimate imaginations down before the Lord, I met Darren. God has given me that list and SO much more!!

Just neat to look back and see his faithfulness :)

(Lexus SUV mainly symbolized family to me at the time - I love my Mazda!)


The Paynes said...

God is good!!!

Kellyry said...

How great to see the faithfulness!