Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adjusting to family and jammy day

The first week home I spent a lot of time upstairs recovering and nursing Faith. We realized that although Noah was indifferent to her presence, he was also quite a bit fussier than usual. Our date day was great, but what he really needed was mommy and Faith to be downstairs more often. She needed to be incorporated into the new Rogers family.

This morning we went as a family to Starbucks for breakfast - it was perfect. Noah paid attention to Faith and it felt so normal. When we got home I made a point to nurse Faith downstairs for the day (started this a bit yesterday). When I changed her, Noah wanted to help - he helped wipe her and dry her, and even put aquaphor on her bum! He laid next to her on the floor and touched her face. When it was time to put her down, he wanted to help swaddle her and put her in her bed. It was a night and day difference!

One thing that was especially cute was Noah's reaction to Faith in her cute fleece footed sleeper... He wanted to put HIS jammies on! We had been dressed for hours, but we all marched upstairs and declared it a jammies day :) At least we are ready for bed now!


The Paynes said...

U all look so cute in jammies!

Jim & Carol said...

Great pictures. Faith looks so cute!

The Waltenburgs said...

I think it's been jammy WEEK for us!