Friday, June 12, 2009

Back to blogging

Since I started Facebooking, I have really neglected my precious blog. And to all my readers, I apologize. Recently I took a break from Facebook to see how much time I actually spent on it... the answer is: too much. So, I am probably going to stay off of it for the most part, and get back into blogging, and keeping up with all of the blogs I link to. I look forward to getting things back on track :)

Here a few pics from the last couple of months.

Our little guy is a big boy! Noah is fully potty trained and it really only took about THREE DAYS! (and some $$ for the toys we tacked on the wall)

Another homemade hat

Mommy and Me soccer

I don't know which face is more precious - Faith's, or the the way Darren is looking at her.


Kellyry said...

Welcome back! :-)

The Waltenburgs said...

I think I would like to do the mommy and me soccer with you guys. let me know if you'll be signing up again because I know Reid would love it.