Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our little swimmer

We started Noah in swim lessons again, except this time mommy and daddy aren't in the pool with him - it's just him and his little class of 3 other kiddos and Miss Liz. This morning was his first time and he did GREAT. In fact, he did so good that they brought over a blue ribbon for him because he completed so many "preschool" water activities. Then an instructor had him and a little girl get out of the pool while ringing a cow bell. "Attention everyone!!!!" The girl shouted. She explained that Noah and this other little girl had done so well that they earned a ribbon - and everyone in the place hooted an hollered - and I got a little weepy I was so proud!

Needless to say, it was heartwarming and very cool.

We had more water fun at a community water park nearby. I have heard of the place but had never been - it was awesome! It was just mommy, daddy and Noah and we all had a great time.


The Waltenburgs said...

Awe! So bummed we didn't get to join the class with you guys! Lets coordinate next season's sign up. Where's that water park??

Kellyry said...

Ah, go Noah! As a former swim instructor of kids of all ages, it warms my heart to hear of his joy in swimming.