Friday, January 21, 2011

A new playroom!!

About 3 weeks ago, Jennifer had the idea to turn my office into a playroom... I am never in there and it had just become the "catch all" room of the house. The kids have always loved to play in the living room so why not give them their own space over there to play in!

As you can see from the first couple of pics, we had our work cut out for us! After many late nights, Jennifer and I were able to get my entire office cleared out. It was bittersweet for me because I was confronted with the reality that I am not preaching or studying anymore... and I don't need a bunch of my seminary books, and I don't need all of my folders full of my studies for old sermons, and I don't need my A+ Hebrew tests from 1999 - I think somehow I was still holding on to these things to validate me... But it was good. I am not in that season right now, I am a mom. A phenomenal stay-at-home mom. And I am blessed.

This was even after some clean up!

After clearing it out we had to sell my beautiful desk, and move bookcases, etc. Then let the painting begin! Unfortunately, the lady at Lowe's was particularly grumpy and mixed up a color quite a bit more neon than I had envisioned... Thanks to my dad's help, we were able to knock out two walls of white and two of this crazy green in just a few hours. We later returned to Lowe's to complain and received the correct color that just needed one coat to make everything right again.

You can see the subtle difference in greens. This pic was after Darren had hung the light in the center of the room and had hung up this amazing painting we bought by a worship artist at Bethel church many years ago. I love it and it fit my underwater theme perfectly!

I (heart) Ikea!

Typical Ikea. You see a cool lamp and then pick it up in a skinny box only to realize that it's "some assembly required" :)

Installing the awesome chair that the kids want to spin in ALL DAY.

New carpet is in! Shelving is up! Toys are in!
All the tubs even have a small picture of what's inside so there's no guesswork.

Underwater wall put up, cool decals in place! Ikea mattress ready to be jumped on! Darren even repurposed a white board into a cool chalkboard!

Just add some kids and let the fun begin!

Thanks dad, Jenny and Darren for helping to make this room happen!!


Danaly said...

I want to move into their playroom and live there forever. Good Job Mom!

Kori's House said...

Awesome! I'm pretty sure your kids will want to spend plenty of time in this new fun space!!

Carrie said...

Wow!! This is some project you've been working on! I think you could totally submit the pictures to a makeover show or something! Everything turned out so cute! And good job cleaning out things that you aren't using, even when they have sentimental value. That is really tough to do! Room looks awesome!