Thursday, June 16, 2011

What a week!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where there are just so many rough spots that you just have to laugh? Well, that is me at the end (almost end) of this week...

Noah is brought home with a 105 fever. We put him in the tub and load him up with meds. His head hurts.

Still caring for Noah's now 102 fever. And of course the tips of his middle toes hurt, which has been a mystery to us for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Faithy has been sitting on her potty chair lately, requesting the opportunity to earn some m&m's. On this day, she says "I did it!" and stands up. No pee pee. While I'm looking for a diaper, I hear "I did it!" again. This would be great, except she's standing by the couch. I look down at the ground but don't see anything wet... until I look in my shoe. Which is soaked. Awesome.

Thursday: Noah goes to the bathroom and requests, as usual, to spray the all-natural air freshener. He has been good with it so I said okay. Taking longer than usual I called for him and he explained he was just getting dressed. One minute later he's sitting on the couch saying his neck and ear itch... then there is crying and distress because they are BURNING.

Me: "What did you DO Noah??? Did you put something on your neck?
Noah: "Maybe (sob) I sprayed that stuff on my neck... and my chest... and my knees and arms..."

I wiped him down with a washcloth as he continued to cry and his neck and cheek turned bright red. I called the pediatrician and was told to put him in the shower. That actually made him perk up because he loves the shower. Ten minutes later and he was good as new, with just some red marks left.

Two hours later, I notice Faith feels hot - 100.3 fever. I check Noah's, thinking he was all better - 100 fever.


So now we sit watching Curious George, both babies leaned up against me at one time or another... And I do the role that mom's do the best. Comfort.

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Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! What a week! I guess Noah won't spray the room spray on his body again, huh? Hope your kiddos are feeling better soon (and that you can get some new shoes).