Monday, July 25, 2011


Last week our church put on it's summer VBS (vacation bible school). It's a week where hundreds of kids come through the church and have a fun time watching leaders doing crazy things while teaching them stories from the bible.

This year, the kids learned five important bible points:

1. God made you
2. God listens to you
3. God watches over you
4. God loves you, no matter what
5. God gives good gifts

I had a crew of 5 kids aged 5-6. They were so sweet! We had a great time all week and at the end I brought them little gift bags filled with goodies - and sprayed their hair orange to match our vbs shirts. They loved it!!

This is Noah showing off his VBS shirt that was all blinged out front and back... this was before I stuck it in the wash mid week and all of the designs and glitter washed off. Whoops. At least Darren got a pair of glitter jeans out of it.

We get to have orange hair - in church!

Noah showing of his new and improved shirt that mommy had to do after the wash incident - he explained that this is his superhero pose.

One of my kids wanted to trace Miss Kim :) It was so cute, when they kids were drawing with chalk and were asked to draw a picture of something they were thankful for, Noah called a little girl on my crew over and showed her he had written her name :) He is a charmer.

I'll end this with our response for every time we heard a bible point...


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