Friday, December 30, 2011


Someone special turns 3 today!! Happy birthday Faith Cara Joy!

Saying goodbye to Christmas until next year...

Noah trying out his first real frying pan - making a pancake!

Snowman pancakes with chocolate chip eyes and bacon scarves for our Christmas Day breakfast!

Eating snowman pancakes with construction utensils in a new transformers robe - life is good.

Great grandma and grandpa sent Noah and Faith some Christmas money - so I took them to Toys R Us to spend it :)

Grandpa gave Noah a flatbed truck - today it is carrying a wide load of building supplies for a house.

Getting some pre-Christmas dinner golfing in at the putting green

Faithy getting her giant pink dog for her birthday. Noah has had a large dog named Clifford for 4 years - he sleeps with him and takes him whenever we go on trips. He is loved on and squished and perfect. Faith has been wanting her own "pink clifford" - and this year she got one. She quickly named it Clifford 2.

Clifford and Clifford 2

life rearranged


Jodi@ said...

CUTE family!!

And I'm really digging that pancake snowman. Making me hungry. :o)

Leslie said...

this year we drove around your parents retirement community to check out the lights. They had the best in town! .. thanks for the updates.