Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just some random pics :)

Faith wanted to take a rest after playing at grandma and grandpa's house - I got my hopes up she really wanted to take a nap.... nope.

We love to make chalk cities in the street in front of our house. When it rains we just begin again! Noah is the sheriff on duty so don't try to speed :) Here are some of the businesses we included in this city.

I surprised Darren on Valentine's Day morning with cinnamon rolls and a giant bee balloon :)
(and for the record, I really love coffee)

And Darren surprised me with a heart-shaped box of turtles that I completely polished off by the 15th!

I love when I catch the very point where an incoming storm is pushing away the blue skies

Faithy had fun with her new friend at Old Navy

Noah found a responsible adult to stick close to


Carrie said...

Super cute! Love the sky pictures and YUMMY - those cinnamon rolls look delish!

Shelley Marea Vaughan Harris said...

I have a Faith too, and I see you are a fellow chocolate lover. Smart girl!