Friday, March 2, 2012


Here is our life in iPhone pics :)

We just finished studying the letter E and Elephants - the kids loved running around in their paper bag elephant mask!

Noah discovered a new favorite sandwich - peanut butter and banana :)

Somehow Noah has started talking about being a movie star and giving out autographs. Since I monitor his TV closely, I have no idea where he is seeing this depiction of stars, but he comes pretty close when he dresses up and poses like one! (he's not afraid of stripes)

As you know, Noah is going to be a police officer. Here is our current mug-shot wall.
With a name like No Neck Jellyhead you know we've got trouble.

I've decided this isn't a mess, it is proof that the TV is not on and my kids are having fun :)


She loves carrots.

Beautiful angel.

In this picture they had just gotten married and were doing their wedding dance. Don't you love Noah's red bow tie? And Faith in a crown of course.

Loving my Ninja smoothies!

Dad thought of a creative way to teach Noah how to crack eggs

life rearranged

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