Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas + toddler = HEAVEN


Christmas is an altogether different experience with a toddler, what a JOY it was to watch him open his presents!! And to watch him now playing and learning is amazing. Here are some pics.

Kitchen set from me and Dar - Noah LOVES it. My niece gave him a shopping cart that came with fake food so he takes the cans of beans and soup and shakes them into the pan. He's such a good cook.

Nana and Papa got him a quad - look out! He loves to stand on it when he rides, he's such a stuntman...

Noah watches Handy Manny, a cartoon that teaches that everyone should work together and is important. We got him a plush manny and toolset that's pretty cool :)

Grandma and Grandpa Jenson got him the great house in the first pic, complete with doorbell and mailbox. I made him some little letters that he loves to send and receive.

This is the shopping cart I mentioned. Noah pushes this around ALL. DAY. LONG.

We don't normally like licensed disney stuff, but when I pushed Elmo's tummy and he sang about how much he loved Noah so so much, I had to get it!

Noah loves to pull his full-size wagons around the house and bang them into everything. We thought he would enjoy this one more his size. He got it from Auntie Juju and can now drag a wagon around without so much collateral damage.

A fun shirt I got for Dar - it has Mr. Rogers on it, get it?

I have to post these pictures. I was so impressed that Darren made a little envelope out of wrapping paper to keep his receipts in! I, on the other hand, misplaced most of mine... I may have to hire his skills next year :)

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