Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We have decorated our house pretty minimally this year, but it is enough to feel like it's Christmas around here :) Unfortunately something has gone strangely awry with our tree and it never took in water.... this means that our tree is DEAD, quite dead. It is a light, dry-looking green and bits of it's branches fall off if you simply walk by it. Good thing we are just a few days away! (note the absence of ornaments on the bottom of the tree - clearly the sign of a toddler in the house)

This is a nativity scene that I fell in love with last year and Darren bought it for me as a surprise... it came too late to put it up so I was glad to have it for this year!


The angel

A shepherd

And baby Jesus with a whole lotta hair!

A friend was going to paint them over to look a bit more true to their ethnicity but she said they were beautifully done in a particular style and didn't want to mess with them. Oh how I long for the day when a nativity scene is full of people from the middle east! My inside set has a Jesus that looks like Dan Quayle and a shepherd that looks like an English schoolboy...


Kori said...

I love your ornaments, especially the little hand print! So cute!!

Great nativity too, looks like you have the perfect spot for it!

Kellyry said...

Simplicity is good sometimes. And for me, it keeps the stress level down when I walk into a room that isn't overstuffed with holiday knick-knacks.

I'm on the hunt for a nativity set; let me know if you find one!