Saturday, January 26, 2008

A renewed blog and a new blog

Hi everyone,

I've had my blog set to private due to a frightening experience a friend had when she found pictures of her son taken from her blog and used in an inappropriate way. After having Darren check all of our previous blogs and finding that none of our pictures have been messed with, I decided to open it back up for public consumption. This makes things much easier for those of you that have had to sign in every time you visit.

Also, after prodding from Darren (over the last three years!) I am starting a blog that will simply be a place for me to share things that make me think, inspire me, encourage me, or maybe provoke me. It will be a bit of a preaching outlet of sorts and one that I hope will touch, inpsire or maybe even provoke a few others :)

The name of the blog is "Kairos for Charis - finding the magnificent in the mundane".

Kairos for Charis simply means "Time for Grace" - click on the title to go there and feel free to put a link to it from your page.

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