Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sick. Wah.

Ugh. I'm laying here on my bed and I can't breathe. I sound like what an actor might sound like if told to "talk like you have a cold, where your n's are d's, etc." I should be thankful that I'm getting off easy. Compared to what Darren had last week this isn't so terrible. He was sicker than I have EVER seen him. I came home one night to find him lying (laying? which one IS it?) in front of the fireplace shivering - bad sign. For the next 5 days he pretty much stayed in bed... I wish I would have gotten a picture of the projector TV he had going on in our room - we don't have a TV in there so he used a projector from work and put the image up to cover the entire wall. Part of me wondered if all of the sick hoopla wasn't just a ploy to watch the playoff game on a big screen...

Noah and I both got our flu shots so we seemed to be safe. However, until they come up with a "cold shot" we are still in danger. Both Noah and I have terrible colds. The poor little guy... I can at least take Nyquil at night and some Afrin, he just gets aspirated and a little Dimetapp. He is coughing up a storm so we can't see any of our playdate friends, and this is the week I was supposed to be helping my parents move from Fremont to Manteca - but we just can't seem to get out from under this stuff! Hopefully things will improve by the weekend.

S000, I'm bored and the news is too depressing and I don't have a myspace or facebook account to troll around. So I thought I'd blog.


Kori said...

I can relate. Karli & I both have colds. Not fun :(

A little tip for Noah & other kids (even use it for my 8 & 11 year olds) is to put saline drops in their noses at bedtime if they are plugged up. It's not an easy task getting them in, but once in it basically does the same thing that sinus sprays do for adults without any long term side affects. My kids hated it for the longest time, but now they ask for it when they are stuffed up.

Kellyry said...

Yeah, VERY convenient Darren... :-)