Monday, December 29, 2008

11:15 pm update

Well, hopefully the worst is over with the nurse blowing out two veins
trying to put my iv in... I cried... And they still need to try
again! Yuck. Other than that we are relaxed and chillin'. I am only
1 centimeter dialated so we've got a ways... As of right now they
will induce starting tomorrow at 10:00 am.

More updates later!

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The Paynes said...

Oh, that sucks!! Hopefully they got it done with any more pain already. We have you covered in prayer here from TX. Can't wait to see how things look this morning. Love u! - D.

Jessicah said...

Kim, I forgot to tell you that the same thing happened to me with the IV. Thankfully, it turned out to be the worst part of my birthing process. In the grander scheme of things, it was nothing. So happy for you. Been sending out lots of prayers for your comfort and peace. Love, Jessicah