Sunday, December 28, 2008

Like mother like daughter

If my friend Danaly ever wonders where her uber cute daughter Lucy gets her 'tude, she might have to look in the mirror! To be fair, Lucy was in the middle of chowing down on bacon, and Danaly's pic was all done in fun, but you have to admit - they are spitting images of each other!!


The Paynes said...

Well, what a treat!! I can NOT believe you used that picture... AND even worse cut yourself out of it... 'cause we wouldn't want your readers to see what Kim looks like making a ghetto face after midnight garlic fries on a girl's weekend!!!

She does look like me... :)

Kim said...

You are such a good sport - I love you!!! Yes I cut myself out, I looked WAY worse than you!! I'm happy to post it in it's entirety if you insist ;)

Kellyry said...

That's hilarious!