Thursday, December 25, 2008


Look at my big boy!! He is learning to pose now and I think this is the sweetest picture! The giant boo boo on his lip came from (we think) falling out of bed and getting a huge fat lip and rug burn. Fortunately it's almost gone.

Noah LOVES garbage trucks. Every Friday morning when he hears one he says "hurry hurry! Garbage truck!" and we rush out to the porch so he can watch them lift and dump the trash cans. The drivers usually wave and Noah gives out a big "OH YEAH!" When Darren and I saw this green Tonka garbage truck that lifts the can and everything, we knew we had to get it. Noah played with it all day!

Life Before Christmas
(mommy's artistic box with roads)

Life After Christmas
(a four story parking garage)

Before Daddy (ugh)

After Daddy!

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Kellyry said...

He is just so darn adorable!