Friday, December 3, 2010

Blustery Day Activities

It's cold outside. The kind of cold where I don't WANT to stand around while the kids waddle around all bundled up and red cheeked. Sprinkling? No problem. Windy? I'm fine. But cold air? It's uncomfortable and not helpful when the kiddos are just getting over colds... So the alternate is, coming up with something entertaining to do indoors. I've got Noah asking me to please not turn the TV on and keep it off. Then there's Faithy squealing "Umizoomi! George! Dora!" And many days, the squeaky/screechy wheel of Faith wins out (depending on mommy's day).

The last couple of days I've improvised. Today, I even impressed Noah... "Mom, I'm so surprised and happy that you thought of this game using a lever! That's so smart of you!" Yes, he's my encourager. Today we took the round soft snowman-head ornaments off of the tree and used a pasta strainer (lever) and an alton brown measuring cylinder (fulcrum) and catapulted them across the room into a box. Noah got extra points for hitting our cat.

Yesterday I thought it might be fun to put a cookie sheet on the cutting board and pour baking soda into it. Faith spent a long time playing in it with her hands, paint brushes, and basting brushes. Noah loved it too. It wasn't too messy and I didn't have to worry about the kids eating it :)

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Carrie said...

That's great! Love the baking soda pictures :) My sister doesn't usually let the kids jump on the bed, but after several "indoor" days, that was the activity which was of course a huge hit & burned a lot of energy:)