Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa's Bag

We had a present delivered to Jenny at our house for Christmas. Because Darren selected gift option, it came in this big, blue "velvet" bag with yellow ribbon. Needless to say, Noah was BESIDE HIMSELF to discover that we actually had, in our possession, SANTA'S BAG!!!

He played Santa with it and slept with it under his bed. But then I told him I googled it and found that he would have to leave it under the tree so it could be picked up and used again on Christmas Eve. So Noah willingly complied and we placed the bag and his letter to Santa under the tree.

The next morning the bag and letter were gone, and replaced by an ornately written letter from Reuben, the Elf of bag retrieval. He assured Noah that his letter to Santa would be put on his desk, and that Noah was on the nice list! He also said the he celebrates Jesus :)

We look forward to seeing what Santa has in that bag next time he brings it back!

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Leslie said...

Wow I stopped checking this blog due to such a long time with no posts but randomly popped on today and was pleasantly surprised. Welcome back. :) And now I'm not the only person on the planet not on facebook- :)