Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

After a very stressful week in the Rogers household - Darren had full blown bronchitis and Noah had a very painful sinus infection - Dar still managed to work in a wonderful evening for us. I wish I had brought my camera because we started out the night at Starbucks getting hot chocolate... because Darren knew we would want it on the horse and buggy ride we were taking through downtown Livermore! It was very romantic and we had a great time. It was funny tho' because our driver didn't wear a nice suit or anything, just his full-on hunting camo garb!

After the ride we met up with our great friends Jim and Danaly and tried out a new Tapas restaurant in our area called Movida. The decor was awesome and so was the food. The extra special part of the evening was it was also Jim and Danaly's 8th wedding anniversary. We toasted to them and also to our amazing husbands who work hard to allow us to be stay at home mommies. We are blessed.

Back on the homefront mommy #2 (Jennifer) was with Noah - one of the reasons I felt okay leaving while he was still getting better on his antibiotics. They had a good time :)


Kellyry said...

Ah! How romantic!!

I'm digging those french motif prints behind you at the restaurant.

James said...

Great looking couples. Looks like fun time was had by all.