Thursday, February 21, 2008

A post for so-cal Kelly

Yes, in my world you can get your very own post on my blog :) I was remembering the time you, Emily, Jennifer and I painted coffee mugs before I got married - which is easy to remember because I use those mugs every day! Out of all my wedding gift type things, those mugs will stand the test of time. Emily's broke in one of the moves (sorry Em!) but these three are still looking pretty fine :)

(Jenny, Kelly, Kim)


Kellyry said...

Awh! I love getting my own post. :-)

I also remember that afternoon--what fun! There is a pottery painting place not 2 minutes from me and I've often though of doing it again.

Funny...I couldn't remember which mug I'd painted but--and no offense to the other two!--but the center one was my favorite. And then I saw that the center one was the one I'd painted. I guess my taste hasn't changed much!

Anonymous said...

I'd like my own post please.