Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wake Up Call

January 2008
Total spent at Target

November 2007?

I am almost choking as I am typing this!

Clearly Target has some sort of retail MSG in its air filtration... I am looking into a class action suit. I think I've just discovered what we should give up for Lent.



Danaly said...

I hear ya Sister!!

Kellyry said...

Oy! Target is the death of me as well. It's the new "Price Club", which was affectionately known as the "$300 Club" by my parents growing up who couldnt leave without spending that much each visit. I swear we have a national obsession with Target. One I greatly contribute to.

I hear Target!

Kori said...

Maybe we should be happy we don't have one closer :)
I did manage to go Target in washington yesterday and spent a pretty penny :)